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  IEC (ʵ繤ίԱ)
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  ECSS (ŷ޺ձ׼Э֯)
  AFNOR (׼Э)
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  BSI (Ӣ׼)
  CSA (ô׼Э)
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  AIAA (պѧ)
  AIIM (ϢͼЭ)
  AOAC (ٷѧʦЭ)
  API (ʯѧ)
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  ASA (ѧЭ)
  ASME (еʦЭ)
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  NASA ([]Һպ)
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  NISO ([]ȫϢ׼֯)
  NSF ([]ȫ)
  SAE (еʦЭ)
  SSPC ([]ͿЭ)
  TIA ([]ͨŹҵЭ׼)
  UL (ʵ)
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  Description, implementation and general requirements
ECSS S-ST-00C-2008
  Software product assurance
ECSS Q-ST-80C-2009
  Materials, mechanical parts and processes
ECSS Q-ST-70 C-2009
  Bioburden control of cleanrooms
ECSS Q-ST-70-58C-2008
  Microbiological examination of flight hardware and cleanrooms
ECSS Q-ST-70-55C-2008
  Materials and hardware compatibility tests for sterilization processes
ECSS Q-ST-70-53C-2008
  Requirements for manufacturing and procurement of threaded fasteners
ECSS Q-ST-70-46C REV.1-2009
  Mechanical testing of metallic materials
ECSS Q-ST-70-45C-2008
  High-reliability soldering for surface-mount and mixed technology
ECSS Q-ST-70-38C-2008
  Determination of the susceptibility of metals to stress-corrosion cracking
ECSS Q-ST-70-37C-2008
  Material selection for controlling stress-corrosion cracking
ECSS Q-ST-70-36C-2009
  Application of paints and coatings on space hardware
ECSS Q-ST-70-31C-2008
  Wire wrapping of high-reliability electrical connections
ECSS Q-ST-70-30C-2008
  Determination of offgassing products from materials and assembled articles to be used in a manned space vehicle crew compartment
ECSS Q-ST-70-29C-2008
  Repair and modification of printed circuit board assemblies for space use
ECSS Q-ST-70-28C-2008
  Crimping of high-reliability electrical connections
ECSS Q-ST-70-26C-2008
  Control of limited shelf-life materials
ECSS Q-ST-70-22C-2008
  Determination of the susceptibility of silver-plated copper wire and cable to "red-plague" corrosion
ECSS Q-ST-70-20C-2008
  Preparation, assembly and mounting of RF coaxial cables
ECSS Q-ST-70-18C-2008
  Measurements of the peel and pull-off strength of coatings and finishes using pressure-sensitive tapes
ECSS Q-ST-70-13C-2008
  Procurement of printed circuit boards
ECSS Q-ST-70-11C-2008
  Qualification of printed circuit boards
ECSS Q-ST-70-10C-2008
  Measurements of thermo-optical properties of thermal control materials
ECSS Q-ST-70-09C-2008
  Manual soldering of high-reliability electrical connections
ECSS Q-ST-70-08C-2009
  Particle and UV radiation testing for space materials
ECSS Q-ST-70-06C-2008
  Detection of organic contamination surfaces by infrared spectroscopy
ECSS Q-ST-70-05C-2009
  Thermal testing for the evaluation of space materials, processes, mechanical parts and assemblies
ECSS Q-ST-70-04C-2008
  Black-anodizing of metals with inorganic dyes
ECSS Q-ST-70-03C-2008
  Thermal vacuum outgassing test for the screening of space materials
ECSS Q-ST-70-02C-2008
  Cleanliness and contamination control
ECSS Q-ST-70-01C-2008
  Electrical, electronic and electromechanical (EEE) components
ECSS Q-ST-60 C REV.1-2009
  Relifing procedure - EEE components
ECSS Q-ST-60-14C-2008
  Design, selection, procurement and use of die form monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs)
ECSS Q-ST-60-12C-2008
  Generic procurement requirements for hybrids
ECSS Q-ST-60-05C REV.1-2009
  ASIC and FPGA development
ECSS Q-ST-60-02C-2008
ECSS Q-ST-40 C-2009
  Fault tree analysis - Adoption notice ECSS/IEC 61025
ECSS Q-ST-40-12C-2008
  Hazard analysis
ECSS Q-ST-40-02C-2008
ECSS Q-ST-30 C-2009
  Derating - EEE components
ECSS Q-ST-30-11C-2008
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