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  Tempers for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Products
AA YL-1-2005
  Welding Aluminum: Theory and Practice - Fourth Edition
AA WATP23-2002
  Technology Roadmap for Bauxite Residue Treatment and Utilization
AA TRBR-2000
  Guidelines for in-plant handling of aluminum plate, flat sheet and coil
AA TR7-2006
  Guidelines for Minimizing Water Staining of Aluminum - Fourth Editon
AA TR3-2004
  Recommendations for Storage and Handling of Aluminum Powders and Paste
AA TR2-2006
  Standard Test Procedure for Measuring the Dissolution of Aluminum Hardeners
AA TP-2-2007
  Standard Test Procedure for Aluminum Alloy Grain Refiners
AA TP-1-1990
  Aluminum Electrical Conductor Handbook - Third Edition
AA TH56-1989
  International Alloy Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Wrought Aluminum and Wrought Aluminum Alloys
AA TEAL-1-2009
  Tempers for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Products Metric Edition
AA TAN-1-2005
  Understanding Aluminum Extrusion Tolerances - Second Edition
AA SUP-1-1995
  Stress-Strain-Creep- Curves for Aluminum Overhead Electrical Conductors
AA SSCC-1997
  Standards for Aluminum Sand and Permanent Mold Castings - FIFTEENTH EDITION
AA 18-2008
  Visual Quality Characteristics of Aluminum Extrusions - First Edition
AA QCA-2-1993
  Visual Quality Attributes of Aluminum Sheet and Plate - Fourth Edition
AA QCA-1-2002
  Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Aluminum Alloys in the Form of Castings and Ingot
AA PK-1-2009
  Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Aluminum and Health
AA PAH-3-1994
  International Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Unalloyed Aluminum
AA OR1-2007
  Non-Specular Surface Finish on Bare Overhead Aluminum Conductors
AA NSSF-1996
  Materials Joining Monograph Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
AA MJM-1997
  Components of Clad Aluminum Alloy Products
AA LTG1-2006
  Inert Anode Roadmap
AA IAR-1998
  Aluminum statistical review for 2003
AA HR94-2004
  Nomenclature System for Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Materials
AA H35.5-1993
  designation system for unalloyed aluminum
AA H35.4-2006
  designation system for aluminum hardeners
AA H35.3-1997
  Dimensional Tolerances for Aluminum Mill Products
AA H35.2(M)-2009
  Dimensional Tolerances for Aluminum Mill Products
AA H35.2-2009
  Alloy and Temper Designation Systems for Aluminum
AA H35.1/H35.1M-2009
  International Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Aluminum Hardeners
AA GY1-2007
  Guidelines for Aluminum Scrap Receiving and Inspection Based on Safety and Health Considerations - Second Edition
AA GSR-2002
  Guidelines for Aluminum Sow Casting and Charging
AA GSC-1998
  Guidelines for Handling Molten Aluminum - Third Edition
AA GMA69-2002
  Forming and Machining Aluminum
AA FMA-17-1988
  Aluminum Forging Design Manual - Second Edition
AA FDM15-1995
  Guidelines for Handling Aluminum Fines Generated During Various Aluminum Fabricating Operations
AA F-1-2000
  End Use Guide for Reporting Shipments for Semifabricated Aluminum Products for 1998
AA EU-1-1997
  The Evaluation of Losses in Conductors
AA ELC54-1998
  Drafting Standards for Aluminum Extruded Products - Ninth Edition
AA DSE2-1998
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